Factoring True Stories

Use Janitorial Services Financing to Keep Ahead of Payroll

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount Factored: $50,000

Some industries are fun, inventive and inspiring while others are all about the nitty-gritty of doing what needs to be done. The not-so-pretty industry of commercial janitorial services probably falls into the latter category. Though the industry may not get a lot of attention, janitorial services and commercial cleaning enterprises generate an annual revenue of about $35 billion. This dollar amount is not too shabby for an often overlooked, glitz-free business. The commercial cleaning sector includes carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general floor cleaning and polishing, trash removal, air duct cleaning, and much more. (more…)

Stay on Schedule with Wholesale Factoring

Location: Nashville, TN
Amount Factored: $100,000

Despite the fact that most of us eat three square meals a day, few people sit down to think about how food from across the world makes it to our local grocery stores. Yet so much work, coordination and planning to into harvesting our food and raising our beef, chicken and fish. (more…)